Keep the Kids On Their Toes in Oman!

It can be notoriously difficult to entertain and keep your kids on their toes to stave off that dreaded boredom these days, which is completely baffling with the sheer amount of things there are to do with your little ones.

Before technology, you could give them a stick and they’d play for hours, nowadays nothing seems to be enough.

Whether it be school holidays, weekends or even the odd weeknight, you might be at a loss with just what to do and where to take the kids to keep them (and you) happy.

Museum of Illusions: Admission

Estimated Savings: OMR4
Location: Muscat Grand Mall

Mind-boggling puzzles and eye-opening tricks await you at this wonderous museum filled with whim and fancy. Kids will spend hours trying to work out the seemingly simple puzzles and be amazed and frustrated all at the saem time by the fabulous spectacles. Adults will absolutely love this place too; we certainly did.

Fun Zone Billiards: 30Min Session

Estimated Savings: OMR2
Location: Nizwa Grand Mall

Teach your kids how to play pool and they’ll have a skill for life. That’s what we say! Plus it gets them out your hair for a while and keeps them entertained. What’s not to like!?

Fun Zone Bowling Centre: Game of Bowling

Estimated Savings: OMR2
Location: Nizwa Grand Mall

Bowling is fun for all ages so the Fun Zone Bowling Centre is a smart choice for a family day out where kids and adults alike can relax and have fun.

Muscat Speedway: Arrive & Drive Dino Cart

Estimated Savings: OMR10
Location: Oman Automobile Association, Ground Level

Now this place is bound to be a hit with your children and all their friends and you’ll earn extra cool parent points for organising an adrenaline-filled day at the Muscat Speedway. If your little one is a mini thrill seeker then this is definitely the place for them!

Laser Maxx: 10Min Session

Estimated Savings: OMR3
Location: Qurum

Lights, lasers, action! Exhaust your energy-filled offspring with a rambunctious round of laser tag that will leave them wanting more and you with a lot more extra time on your hands to grab that coffee and read an extra chapter of your book in peace.

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