5 delightfully budget friendly date ideas

budget friendly date ideas

If money were no object, we would love to spoil our boo with an abundance of gifts and experiences of a lifetime. Nothing says I love you like a bottle of bubbles, a private mariachi band and a helicopter ride at sunset, right? OK, maybe that’s not to everyone’s tastes but when you haven’t got a bottomless barrel of cash and you still want to let your significant other know they’re special to you with some more budget friendly date ideas, we have some cute tricks up our sleeve that are far sweeter and thoughtful that will win you serious brownie points in the love department.

Go on a picnic

Grab a cooler bag, pack your favourite snacks and don’t forget the blanket! Cosying up together under a shady tree with a portable speaker playing that specially curated playlist full of both your favourite songs will help create a memory that will last a lifetime. Snap a few selfies and for a ‘cherry on the top’ moment, go and get your favourite photo of the day framed.

Go volunteering

Not only will this give you a feel-good factor and help out a well-deserving charity, but you and your sweetheart will also be buzzing off the good vibes and bring you closer together. Do you both love dogs? Go and cuddle some puppies and help out at an adoption day. It’s a beautiful way to spend any day, let alone a date for Valentine’s.

budget friendly date ideas

Plan a road trip

Road trips don’t need to be extravagant and long. For a budget-friendly version, you just need a car and your imagination. Start the day early and cruise down your favourite road with the windows open to enjoy the early-morning breeze. Create a playlist to blast and choose your favourite spots to stop at for photo opportunities and to grab snacks. Have a favourite ice cream place? Stop there and share a sundae. Is there a piece of street art that makes you smile every time you see it? Go and visit it together and try and create a silly TikTok dance in front of it. The possibilities are endless.

budget friendly date ideas

Get creative

Have you ever seen the movie Ghost? Patrick Swayzee convinced us that pottery was the most romantic thing you would do with someone you loved and that’s why we’re here suggesting that you go and get crafty with your partner. Grab some cheap paints and make a mess together, create adorable cards for each other or sew one another a teddy bear. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll end up with a keepsake that may or may not be worthy of display, but who cares.

budget friendly date ideas

The best budget friendly date ideas involve staying home!

Bare with us on this one, it isn’t as boring as it sounds. The ultimate budget-friendly date idea is to keep your comfy clothes on, dim the lights and enjoy what you already have at home. Cook a meal together and dance around the kitchen (worry about the mess in the morning) and maybe treat yourself to matching slippers that you can both rock while watching your favourite movie. After dinner and a movie, it’s time to kick off the game night. Why not set cute prizes for whoever wins each game…Foot rub anyone?

Budget friendly date ideas are the way forward…

You don’t need to spend your life savings to prove you love someone and we hope that a few of our favourite budget friendly date ideas will have sparks flying between you and the love of your life (and keep bank balance happy, too!).

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