A Breakfast Guide For Oman: The Best Meal Of The Day

A breakfast guide is a dream come true for us at the ENTERTAINER. Regardless of what is happening this glorious meal is perfect for when we need to grab a delicious croissant while on the run, or when we wake up worse for wear and crave a giant fry-up or we’re binning the diet and fancy indulging in something sweet that’s drizzled, or drowning, in syrup. It kick-starts the day, puts a spring in your step and sets you up for whatever life has to throw at you.

To help you navigate the world of breakfast, we have thoughtfully created a breakfast guide to help you on your way to choosing the perfect breakfast.

Al Mouj Golf Club Restaurant: Breakfast

Location: Azaiba
Estimated Savings: OMR4

Admire the stunning golf course views while chowing down on a marvellous breakfast spread at this lovely morning spot.

Trattoria Café: Breakfast

Location: Ghubra
Estimated Savings: OMR3

Italian’s just seem to get food spot on, no matter the course or time of day. Dig into scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and enjoy the Italian ambience for your morning treat.

Cannella Cheesecake Café: Breakfast

Location: Panorama Mall
Estimated Savings: OMR2

Well known for its top-notch coffee amongst locals and expats this little cafe also does a pretty amazing eggs benedict. We’re very partial to a good egg dish, especially one covered in rich, creamy hollandaise sauce. Our mouths are watering just thinking about.

La Brasserie: Breakfast

Location: Muttrah
Estimated Savings: OMR7

Sit back, relax and take in the ocean view surrounded by the classy french decor. Nibble your freshly baked croissant, sip your perfectly roasted coffee and let the world pass you by while taking a moment, just for yourself one morning.

Coffee Republic: Beverage

Location: Oman Avenues Mall
Estimated Savings: OMR2

This is the perfect place to have that long over-due catch up with your friend over a coffee and a sinfully sweet treat to give you a big sugar rush early in the morning.

Breakfast sets you up for the day ahead, so take a minute, decide what you fancy and go treat yourself to breakfast someplace new one day. Don’t forget to tag us!

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