June Top Picks – Oman

We avoided it for as long as possible but it seems that summer has hit us with full force in Oman. Including the dreaded humidity. While you mourn the loss of winter though, we’ve been signing some great new places for you to eat at! Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t venture inside and try out these fantastic new June top picks for a bite to eat.


Asado: Thursday Gaucho Buffet

Estimated Savings: OMR24
Location: Sheraton Oman Hotel

Meat lovers, this one is for you. Go and challenge yourself and see just how much meat you can eat in one sitting at Asado. It won’t be too hard, seeing as Asado serves mouth-watering cuts!

Park Burger: Hot Dog

Estimated Savings: OMR2
Location: Qurum Complex

A hot dog at a burger place? We know, it sounds weird but honestly, it’s one of the best we’ve had in Oman. Add a side of fries and get messy. Just be sure to grab extra napkins, you’ll need them!


Knafat: Medium Cream Knafa

Estimated Savings: OMR4
Location: Suwaiq

Knafa is one of our favourite Middle Eastern desserts and Knafat has made it almost impossible not to like it. With so many modern twists, we challenge anyone to try it and not love it.

Cafe Amazon: Main Menu Item

Estimated Savings: OMR2
Location: Multiple Locations

Sometimes, a quick pit stop on a busy day is all you need. Cafe Amazon is that perfect pit stop. You can grab your favourite coffee and go and pull up a chair and take a breather. Either way, the drinks are always refreshing.


Marshmallow: Main Menu Item

Estimated Savings: OMR2
Location: Mabela

When it comes to Marshmallow, you won’t care if you’re on a diet. You will NEED to try one of their waffles. We couldn’t even tell you which one to try first because they are all fantastic!

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