Detox Series: Fitness in Oman

2020 brings with it new beginnings and unfortunately, if you’re anything like us over the festive period, a much larger waistline and some pretty unhappy skinny jeans. That’s ok though, we all do it and by golly do we enjoy doing it so you won’t see any disapproving faces from us! However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to detox and a little pick me up to kick-start a brand new year.

You might be an avid gym-goer or perhaps you’re just thinking about starting out, either way, we have an offer ready for everyone ranging from full-on gym memberships, to personal training and group classes to get moral high as we all sweat it out together!

We all know we should keep fit for the sake of our minds and bodies but it certainly isn’t cheap so here’s a rundown of some nifty offers to get you going this year.

The Gym: 50% Off Day Pass

Estimated Savings: OMR15
location: Al Nahda Resort & Spa

Ramada Gym: 50% Off Day Pass

Estimated Savings: OMR3
location: Ramada Hotel Muscat

Sur Fitness Centre: 50% Off One Month Membership

Estimated Savings: OMR22
location: Resort Sur Beach Holiday
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