The best 3 places to work remotely in Oman

At the ENTERTAINER, we are big fans of ditching the office and its stuffy vibes for somewhere different and exciting. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like new environments and when our team get out the office and spend a day working from somewhere new, we achieve so much more and we want to share our top spots to work remotely in Oman!

Costa: Beverage or Main Menu Item

Estimated Savings: OMR2
Location: Multiple Locations
Our Opinion: Coffee, coffee everywhere and not a drop to drink. No wait, that doesn’t sound correct? At Costa the coffee in plentiful and flavourful in abundance. It’s a wonderful spot to hole up and hide with your laptop to get all that work done that you’ve been putting off. Caffeine, friendly staff and productive vibes are all right here and it’s all you’ll need. It’s the best place to work remotely in Oman.

Moorish: Main Menu Item

Estimated Savings: OMR4
Location: Qurum Beach Resort
Our Opinion: This is such a great find! We love spending the day at Moorish and keeping our energy levels high while smashing through our to-do list. It’s got fantastic views to get the creative juices going and there are plenty of plugs for your laptop so you can get comfortable and enjoy the positive work environment. It’s light and bright and perfect for a day out with the team to lock in those KPIs and spend some quality time together.

Meito: Beverage

Estimated Savings: OMR2
Location: Al Muzn Mall
Our Opinion: Now this is our kind of place! We love to covet bubble tea at the best of times and when you say we can work from a cute little place, without being bothered and have access to unlimited bubble tea, we are in there like a shot! It’s fun to drink, a good distraction when you need to look away from the evil blue light of your laptop and it just tastes so damn good…

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